111PG in action: RealFevr’s listing successfully defended

3 min readJul 8, 2021

RealFevr is a platform for fantasy sport competition among friends, so the last thing they’d want to deal with is cheating. That’s why RealFevr hired 111PG to help them have a secure and fair listing on PancakeSwap today. As you can expect, the listing went smoothly with 111PG to thank for it.

Sniping bots bought over 41.1kk FEVR tokens but are unable to sell them. Instead, the tokens can be returned from the project. 111PG saved RealFevr approximately $89,806 and wound up helping them keep an extra 89.3 BNB in liquidity (their overall liquidity at the moment of writing is 200 BNB more than when they opened the pool).

In all, 24 wallets tried to snipe the listing. Here are the top 2 for today’s “wall of shame” of sniping bots:

We are happy to let them keep trying to snipe the projects we protect, wasting their money without getting anything in return.

Thanks to our protection, RealFevr was able to have a solid and smooth listing and their FEVR token is trading healthily, especially given the current choppy market with all the uncertainty around its direction. It’s especially important to neutralize sniping bots in such a market where trust in new projects is hard to come by and malicious actors ruin it for everyone.

In celebration of this and as part of our cooperation, expect big joint events from RealFevr and 111PG for the benefit of our communities.

The bots attempted two types of an attack: buying up EVR tokens in the genesis block and sending many small transactions (mostly 2BNB at a time) to flood the listing. We anticipated and caught them in both cases. Once again, this showed that 111PG works in any market and on a number of swaps/blockchains.

We’re happy to take yet another step in helping a new project stand on its feet and keep the confidence of its community. Moreover, we’re proud of the work 111PG is doing in creating a more secure and more functional DeFi environment for everyone.

With 30+ projects under contract to use 111PG services when they list, it’s a busy time for us. So If your project needs our help, please email us ASAP at info@111pg.io or use type form on 111pg.io

About 111PG

111PG is a project created in response to the problem of sniping bots ruining the credibility of swap listings for projects and thus threatening the DeFi ecosystem as a whole. It’s the most effective solution in defeating sniping bots project after project, making sniping very costly for bot owners but harmless for the targeted projects. 111PG built on that success to expand its services of protecting and scaling liquidity for DeFi projects. It is part of the Dexe Network ecosystem and benefits its community through fee sharing and in other ways.

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