Introducing 111PG — the sniping bot killer

3 min readJun 8, 2021


Sniping bots ruin AMM listings — but for 111 lucky projects, this will no longer be a concern.

For months now, when a project adds liquidity to an AMM like Uniswap for its community to buy their token, the process is corrupted by people running sniping bots. Sniping bots see the liquidity being added in the first block (before the public sees it) and buy up a big chunk of liquidity to drive up the price for the regular public and then dump their holdings on the market.

Sniping bots can easily make $2–3M profit on a 100ETH investment, driving the price up 20x at the expense of the project’s team and community. This forces community members to buy high and to see the paper value of their holdings plummet within minutes. It undermines trust in the project and creates a lot of frustration.

No one was able to solve this problem consistently for every project. Until we did. Our team created proprietary code that for the first time ever is able to prevent sniping bots from damaging product listings. This is the most effective solution on the market — secure and fully customizable to the project’s needs.

The sniping bot problem, along with various issues related to the current state of smart contracts and various market inefficiencies, is so pervasive and problematic across DeFi, that our team decided to create and release to the public a massive product that defends projects and supports the effectiveness of their smart contracts: 111PG. It’s customizable for each project and will eliminate the biggest headaches that startups are currently facing in DeFi. All of this snipe bot protection, smart contract support, and more is now available for projects serious about keeping their listing secure and fair to their community. PG stands for Project Guard. 111 is because we are only accepting 111 projects into our initial anti-sniping bot protection program.

Seeing how helpful this is in preserving liquidity and ensuring a fair listing, a number of projects are already asking us to help. For the 111 projects that we will initially choose to protect and support, we have very diligent selection criteria. More on that later.

111PG was created to solve a big problem in DeFi. And projects are lining up to use its benefits. If your project would like to be considered for 111PG, email us at

About 111PG

111PG is a project created in response to the problem of sniping bots ruining the credibility of swap listings for projects and thus threatening the DeFi ecosystem as a whole. It’s the most effective solution in defeating sniping bots project after project, making sniping very costly for bot owners but harmless for the targeted projects. 111PG built on that success to expand its services of protecting and scaling liquidity for DeFi projects. It is part of the Dexe Network ecosystem and benefits its community through fee sharing and in other ways.

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