The power of 111PG: 5 Examples

4 min readJan 11, 2022

111PG was created out of frustration faced by pretty much every project trying to list on Uniswap, Paraswap, and other AMMs only to be front-run by sniping bots who drive up the token price and then dump their tokens on the projects community.

This creates resentment among community members and mistrust of the project’s team, not to mention a pump-and-dump looking chart that makes any investor doubt the project’s validity and viability.

A number of services have tried to block sniping bots with very little success. Either by bribing miners with very high gas fees or by creating new scripts that play cat-and-mouse with anti-sniping defenses, snipers cheat projects out of massive amounts of funds again and again.

Which makes 111PG’s success even more remarkable. Ours is a two-pronged approach that either reverts the transaction of sniping bots. This hits them where it hurts: if their funds are stuck, they can’t deploy them to snipe new projects.

With our unique approach, we were able to stop a number of big sniping bot runners that systematically attacked dozens of listings.

But there is more.

As a precautionary measure, we allow the project’s team full control over which frozen funds to unfreeze. So if the team determines that a legitimate investor got caught in the anti-sniping net, you can unfreeze their funds and show your community that you are fair and responsive while also protecting the fairness of your launch and your community’s access to the listing with natural price discovery.

Let’s look at specific cases of 111PG protection

Polygonum-online — a DeFi open world game.

  • Listed on PancakeSwap.
  • A number of sniping bots attacked the listing with scripts that succeeded against previous listings (not protected by 111PG) but were stopped by us.
  • We saved Polygonum approximately $1,750,000, a staggering amount that would’ve destroyed any chances of natural price discovery if the anti-sniping bots were successful.

Torumperhaps the first SocialFi metaverse system.

  • Listed on Uniswap.
  • Sniping bots bought over 395,571 XTM tokens — in vain. SocialFi is all about community trust, which was kept intact thanks to 111PG’s protection.
  • We saved Torum more than $300,000. And to understand what that meant for the project, just look at that beautiful price discovery below:

Vera Labs — platform for renting and mortgaging NFTs.

  • Listed on Uniswap.
  • Our protection turned away some bots that have done huge admage to other projects before but we had their transactions reverted with zero damage to Vera’s listing.
  • As such, we save 936k VERA tokens + 43.65 ETH in extra liquidity
  • In the end, 111PG’s protection saved Vera $740,000+, helping their chart look like this:

Rangers Protocol — cross-chain infrastructure project.

  • Listed on both Uniswap and PancakeSwap.
  • Once again, major bot runners tried to disrupt both listings, which would turn a serious infrastructure token into a speculative toy at the expense of the community.
  • 111PG stopped the bots, saving Rangers Protocol over $260,000.

RealFevr — a fantasy sport platform.

These are just 5 of the many listings protected by 111PG with many more in line.

We’d love to claim that our protection has forever put an end to sniping bot attacks. Yet, we all know that snipers keep finding new ways to circumvent measures put into place to keep listings fair.

That’s why 111PG’s team keeps an eye on even the listings we don’t protect and stays a few steps ahead of snipers.

We also listen to the market. While 111PG started as purely anti-sniping protection, we soon realized that we can offer more to the projects: such cross-community marketing and other listing support. If there is something you need help with that’s not listed in our services, let us know. Like the DeFi market itself, 111PG is evolving rapidly based on customer needs.




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