What is the 111PG mission?

3 min readAug 23, 2022


111PG has proven to be a powerful tool protecting project token launches from bots. 111PG has also proven a great marketing support partner for projects.

But what is the mission of 111PG? What is the greater purpose?

As you can guess from 111PG’s core successes, the mission has to do with security. But it’s more than that. The mission is also about trust (in projects, teams, token price, and more). It’s about growth. After all, it’s 111 Points of Growth. 111PG’s mission can be summed up as:

To create a healthy crypto universe by giving a healthy start to every crypto project.

111PG is certainly not alone in this mission. Hundreds of projects in crypto are working on making the whole of it better for each participant. 111PG itself is part of the Dexe Network ecosystem of projects protecting the most vulnerable and helping them grow into success. Let’s break down the 3 components of 111PG’s mission: security, trust, and growth.


111PG started out protecting new project token listings from sniping bots because that was a rampant problem without a universally effective solution on the market. With over 50 projects protected already and millions of dollars worth of liquidity saved, it’s been a resounding success. So much so that 111PG expanded to protect against front-run and sandwich attack bots as well.

While it is not illegal to create and run bots, using them to do what the general public cannot is unfair and gainst the very idea of a healthy crypto universe. For example, when bots get into the block where the project injects liquidity before any human user can even see the token listed for sale. Or when a bot sees a big order placed and manipulates the market price to sell to that person at a higher price only to dump the price back down right after the person buys, deliberately forcing the unsuspecting retail buyer an immediate paper loss.


When bots attack projects, they are not only causing financial loss to those who play fair — they cause a loss of trust in the project’s team, the market, the AMM, the token listing process, and the entire cryptosphere for that matter. And this comes at a time when the project is at its most vulnerable, when the community is only just forming, the make-or-break moment. The entire crypto industry too is only just starting to stand on its feet and get mainstream adoption. This is the time where rampant, unchecked scams and unfair play can destroy the entire dream of equitable decentralization.


When exposed to the market, some projects will succeed and some will fail. If that happens on the basis of their merit alone, that is natural. But if due to speculators using unfair means to squeeze out a quick profit while shutting down the project’s ability to grow, that is not at all healthy. 111PG is not only security protection but also strong marketing support, including cross-promotion within the Dexe ecosystem. For every new project, that are some similar ones that came earlier and may have gotten further along. Those whose experience may be helpful. Those whose community may be interested. Those where collaboration may be beneficial to both.

Not every project has to hit exactly 111 points of growth, of course. But it is the mission (and capability) of 111PG to find many points of growth for new projects while protecting their security and community trust.




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