With hundreds of new crypto projects launching every month, how do you know which ones are worth investing into? How do you know which are solid and which are probably scams or rug pulls? With our team here at 111PG comprised of top-notch cybersecurity experts and with our expertise in helping solid projects launch their token, we can share with you the signs we look for when determining if a project is solid.


See not just the volume of activity but how many people are actively participating. The depth of the conversations is also important: if it’s all about “wen moon” and “LFG” with random memes sprinkled in, that’s not a sign of a healthy project with growth potential. But if they are actively discussing the project’s mechanics, positioning, plans, etc. — that is a good sign.


If the founders actually doxxed themselves (revealed their real names) and even provided LinkedIn and other credentials — that’s a good sign of a real project, especially if the founders are experts in the fields useful to the project (and blockchain in general).


Media coverage

Solving or creating a problem?

LooksRare promised better fees and governance with more ways for holders to earn. Optimism has a social mission aspect to it. When you look at a project: check what its unique angle is and evaluate whether it’s enough to legitimately challenge more established rivals.

At the end of the day, any project can be a scam or the next Ethereum. Still, taking a closer look and using your best judgment can help filter out the most obvious scams and improve the odds greatly towards investing into a legitimate project. Beyond that, knowing some cybersecurity experts is always a good thing.



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